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If you’re looking for a way to send your toddler off for the day with a healthy and safe meal, you need to find the best stainless steel lunch box for toddlers! Here are 12 options to help you make the right choice for your little one.

A stainless steel lunch box with cucumbers, banana sushi and yogurt.

Best Stainless Steel Lunch Box for Toddlers

Stainless steel is one of the best materials you can use to pack a healthy lunch for your child. It lasts forever, can handle rough care, and is very easy to clean. Plus, since they usually only contain stainless steel and some sort of seal, it’s easier to find products made at the high safety standards you expect. 

There’s a reason why they’ve become more and more popular over time! It’s such a relief to find safe, proven products you can really trust.

Once you find the best stainless steel lunch box, don’t forget to find an insulated lunch bag to keep food warm or cold! We’ve also created a list of the best ice packs for lunch boxes to keep your kid’s lunch nice and cold until lunch time.

Best Lunch box for toddlers

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What to Look for in the Best Toddler Lunch Box

If you’re looking for a stainless steel lunch box, you’re most likely looking for bento boxes. These special containers have built-in food compartments to separate your sandwiches, snacks, yogurts, and more. They’re ideal for picky eaters who won’t tolerate a strawberry next to their cheese.

However, not every container is right for toddlers! Many of them are too big or have tricky latches too big for little hands. We’ve collected the best stainless steel lunch boxes for toddlers to find options that truly work for the youngest kids.

  • Appropriate size – Select a container your child can easily hold in their small hands.
  • Kid-friendly latches – The ideal lunch box is easy to seal yet can be opened without the assistance of a teacher or adult.
  • Leak proof design – The last thing you want is your child’s lunch box to leak its contents through their lunch bag or backpack. Look for a leakproof seal to avoid spills.
  • BPA-free plastic – Although these containers are metal, many include plastic or silicone to make them leakproof. Look for food-grade silicone and plastic without BPA to ensure the container is safe.
  • Dishwasher-friendly – No one has time to scrub out the different compartments in their toddler’s lunch box. The best boxes should be able to be washed at least in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy clean up.

The Best Stainless Steel Lunch Box for Toddlers

Ready to see our favorite lunch containers for young children? These are the best stainless steel bento boxes for kids out there!

1. Bentgo Kids Stainless Steel Bento Box

This box is at the top of this list for a reason. Although it is the most expensive option at $50, Bentgo has been adapting their stainless steel bento boxes for years based on their customers’ requests. 

This lunch container has pretty much everything:

  • Kid-friendly design with a gentle yet effective latch
  • Plenty of room for food
  • An optional container to divide the latest compartment
  • A 5-year warranty
  • Cute colors and several colorful patterns

We love that this product is truly made to last and could be your little one’s go-to lunch container well into elementary school.

2. Planetbox Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

We love Planetbox and ranked them highly on our list of the best eco-friendly lunch boxes. They have various durable, eco-friendly bento boxes that come in different sizes. The most popular one is Rover, which is great for kids and adults. But toddlers require something a little smaller. 

Their smallest size, the Shuttle, is a great entry-level option for the youngest eaters. Consider the Launch box, which is a little bigger and will suit your child for longer. You can choose between 3-5 compartments depending on your little ones’ preferences.

Don’t forget to grab an insulated lunch bag! This option can fit the Planetbox Rover or the Launch, so your child could use this one bag for years.

3. LunchBots Stainless Steel Lunch Box 

This is one of our favorite options because LunchBots really honed in on size. Their Protein Packer is their smallest stainless steel container, specially made for little ones. It’s not water-tight, so it’s best for sending dry snacks. We love that it’s dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up!

4. Yumbox Presto

Yumbox is well-known in the bento box world as the Yumbox Original is considered to be one of the best bento boxes out there. Except, it didn’t come in stainless steel until now. 

The Yumbox Presto has all of the built-in compartments its users love made entirely of metal. There is an attached silicone lid that is also leakproof to control spills and messes. We appreciate the easy-open latch, which is perfect for little ones. It is hand wash only.

5. WeeSprout Stainless Steel Bento Box for Toddlers

WeeSprout was really thinking of little kids when they designed this bento box. From the silicone sleeve to avoid skidding, 3 compartments, and included dip container, this container is just right for packing school lunches. 

The only con is that the stainless steel lid has no latches, so some users hold it in place with a rubber band or strap. This can add a little bit of extra complication to using this container, which might be too much for some kids. 

6. KidBasix Safe Snacker

This is slightly different from the other options because it’s not a bento box. Instead, the KidBasix Safe Snacker is like a large open container. It has a leakproof silicone seal and an extremely easy-to-use latch that makes this ideal for young children trying to get their snacks or sandwiches without assistance. 

Plus, this lid is attached, meaning you won’t be babying two separate pieces, and your kids won’t have to figure out how to line up their top to fit just right.

Since it doesn’t have different compartments, it may deter some readers. This option is great if your kids are okay with having their snacks touching or if you can send some items in reusable bags.

7. EcoZoi Stainless Steel Lunch Box

This is a sustainable alternative to some of the plastic bento boxes out there. We love that EcoZoi has 3 separate containers, metal latches, and a lifetime warranty. This company stands by its lunch boxes and they’re totally free of toxic chemicals.

It might take little kids some time to get used to the metal latches, so try practicing those before they go to school.

8. FigTree 3 Tier Stainless Lunch Container

If these options look too small to keep your little one full, try FigTree. This stackable bento box has two levels, including one without any dividers. This adds extra space for kids who need a little more food at lunch time. 

9. InnoBaby Keepin’ Fresh Container

This bento box comes in a small size, perfect for carrying a variety of yummy snacks. We love that it has a see-through lid, which makes it easy to see how much your little one ate at a glance. 

The skidproof liner actually helps it hold temperature, so it’s a great choice for carrying cold or hot food. Plus, they come in an assortment of colors and sizes, so if you need a little more room, you can size up!

10. ThinkBaby BPA Free Bento Box

Although ThinkBaby is best known for its super-sensitive sunscreen line, it’s also started producing household items with extremely high standards for quality. We love their line of stainless steel containers for babies and toddlers!

These containers are relatively small, so they’re just right for sending your toddler to daycare with snacks. The plastic liner on the outside is great for keeping cold foods coldkeeping the stainless steel from getting too hot. They’re made to last and come in bright colors for a little fun.

11. InnoBaby Bus Plate with Lid

Add a little fun to your child’s lunch box by sending them to school with this adorable stainless steel bus plate! It’s like an old-school cafeteria tray, but reimagined as a bus. 

There are five different compartments to separate each food and a cute, colorful lid. It’s leak-resistant and has an easy-to-pull tab, although teaching your kiddo how to use it might take a little practice.

12. Kinsho Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set

If you want your little one to use stainless steel but they’re asking for something cute and colorful, this is a great option for you! Kinsho’s comes in a colorful plastic carrying case that actually helps retain heat. The case also has a cute pattern on the top and comes with a matching water bottle and lunch box. 

This set is an all-in-one option that removes the need to find a lunch bag that can accommodate your stainless steel bento box. Plus, your little one will be able to show off their personality with their adorable lunch case!

Unfortunately, they can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher, so it’s back to hand washing to clean this set. Fortunately, this entire set is cheaper than just the bento box for some of the other options, so it’s still a great choice.

What is the best stainless steel lunch box for toddlers?

Although there are tons of options on the market, not every stainless steel lunch box is a good fit. These are our top 5 choices to help simplify your decision.

  • Best overall: Bentgo Stainless Steel Bento Box
  • Small but mighty: LunchBots Smart Snacker
  • Best budget option: WeeSprout Bento Box
  • Most playful design: InnoBaby Bus Plate
  • All-in-one set: Kinsho Stainless Steel Bento Box Set
Pasta salad, crackers, granola bites, fruit and yogurt packed in a planet box.

Do you have a favorite stainless steel lunch box you’d like to recommend? Add your thoughts in the comments below!

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